Friday, 9 March 2012

What the actual fuck?

And I repeat, what the actual fuck? happened last night?

I don't like the fact that the criteria for a good night, nay the standard that one is expected to meet for a night to be deemed good, is getting very drunk and making out. In a text message, my friend defined a good night as:

"Pulled, had fun, drank some drinkz, sames as always!!"

Why can't a good night be sober. Or only just tipsy. Why can't I just dance with my friends all night? Why would you want to exchange saliva with a nameless, faceless person who frankly is a poor kisser (let's face it, who really kisses well when drunk?) and you have no interest in keeping in contact with. In fact, you avoid him for the rest of the night. I don't understand the appeal. And I don't want a repeat!

Strategy for the next night out:
- Crisp ale, currently sitting on my shelf
- Girly make-up session beforehand
- Group of good friends
- Lots of drunk people around whom dancing isn't embarrassing. Next to those guys, you look like Darcey Bussell.
- Tunezz!

Right, I think a Flares night is needed! There is a distinct lack of light-up dance floor, retro pop and middle-aged Elvis wannabes in my life right now... maaaaybe I'll give that a miss. But a fun night of dancing without any embarrassing incidents is required.


  1. Um...just to clarify...that's not the ONLY way you can have a good night :) and I believe I was describing your night, my night was more of an "only just past tipsy, didn't pull, danced more than I have in weeks" type of thing :)

    1. Well good for you. And I know, it just sometimes feels that way. I was in a bad mood, can ya tell? :p