Tuesday, 20 March 2012

ABC's of Me

I is for Instruments I play

Define play.
I can turn my hand to any instrument but if it's tuneful song you're looking for, please just let me sing.

I could squeak out a ditty for you on the flute although it's been nearly 5 years since I last played a flute. I could drum a quick beat for you on the kit but again, it's been a while. If you want instruments, see my friends. They are an amazingly talented lot. They play clarinet and piano and violin to grade 8 and diploma standard. Then others play sax, guitar, bass, flute; the list goes on.

But if you want me to perform for you, let me sing. It's the most tuneful I can be and, unlike the instruments I've tried, I really enjoy singing. I begged my parents for lessons when I was 9, only to quit at 11. No matter because I didn't give up music. I've been in a choir since I was 8 years old. School choir, Junior choir, Gospel choir , Choral society, Chamber choir, Show choir and Symphony choir. And for the past 7 years I've performed in my schools annual concert featuring songs from Broadway shows, often taking both a singing and acting role.

On moving to university my dad kept reiterating that I shouldn't lose the things I love, acting a music being the biggest one. But I almost did. The first month went by without me joining a single society. Luckily I was pointed in the right direction (read: bullied into auditioning for the autumn musical) and haven't looked back. And I shan't be making that mistake again. Without music and drama, my life would be a lot emptier.

Ha, sometimes I feel like Giselle in Enchanted as I often find myself singing while going about my daily life. I imagine it's rather irritating to other people but it keeps me sane, not to mention making the little narcissist inside me which likes to hear my voice happy!

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