Wednesday, 14 March 2012

ABC's of me

It’s day four which means today’s tid-bit of information is dog themed.

I don’t own a dog but I do have a favourite dog who I love more than any canine on the planet. The main reason is that I don’t actually like dogs *cue gasps of horror and disappointment*

I know, I know. I’m a horrible person. I get the appeal, they’re cute and fluffy and loyal and have the most adorable eyes and the lovely wet nose. But really, they just don’t compare to cats in my eyes. Cats are so cuddly. They come and curl up on your lap, tuck their delicate legs underneath them and nuzzle into you and then sleep, for hours. They just radiate love and affection. They sit with you when you’re sick or sad and they have so much personality.

But enough about the best animals in the world and more about my favourite dog ever. She’s called Dusty, she’s a Beagle, she’s a *few* years old. I’m going to guess that she’s around 3 years old but I can’t actually remember. Meh, she’s not mine so I don’t have to know these things. She’s the dog of my dear friend Emma. I just know that she has an overabundance of energy, the silkiest fur and once fell asleep chewing gently on my finger, draped across my lap. Nawww. Even when she was a little, yapping ball of fur, skittering around your ankles and nipping at your toes you couldn’t help but be bowled over by her charm.

So, even though I’d chose cats any day of the week, if it has to be dogs, there’s only one dog for me.

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