Thursday, 8 March 2012


People assume that, as a student, I go out every night of the week, sleep through lectures and drink beer for breakfast.
And whilst the guy I sat next to did sleep through our entire social psychology lecture and I got a text informing me of the people supping pints at 10.30 this morning at the union bar, sometimes I just don't feel like going out.

Sometimes I feel like having a shower nap and curling up in bed with a movie, or the box set of friends, or just curling up with company and not having to face the world and be sociable. Tonight is one of those nights. But I'm being dragged out by my flatmate for our own mini pub crawl beginning on campus, hitting up cheap pitchers and ending with £1.50 jagers. On any normal night I'd be so up for this. But today, sitting here in new, going-out clothes, even sexy, matching underwear isn't getting me in the spirit.

I'm a rubbish student!

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