Thursday, 29 March 2012

Homeward Bound

I'm heading home on Saturday for the Easter holidays which means I've been at uni for 6 months now and when I come back, I'll have only 7 weeks until the end of semester. In June: I'll have completed a quarter of my degree, I'll be done with this lovely year which doesn't count for anything, some of my friends will be graduating or leaving to go on placement, some people will be coming back off placement and there will soon be a new cohort of freshers. So much is going to change! But I do have to get through 2 weeks at home which are a potential minefield.

It should be lovely to catch up with my friends and family but it will be so strange being away from my friends here for so long. I'll miss seeing people every day, being able to walk just down the corridor or across campus to have a girly chat or a cuddle. It'll be odd not going to society meetings each week. But then again, at home there will be enough spontaneous pub evenings, shopping trips, meals and pub quizzes to make up for it. Hopefully. I imagine it'll be something like Christmas though when I spent a few hours each evening on skype to my flatmates and texting my friends. It's kind of nice to be able to communicate with both sets of friends consistently.

And soon enough I'll be back here rehearsing hard and relaxing even harder, let's not think about the lab reports and presentations, for a couple of weeks till it all kicks off again.

Bring it!

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