Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Isn't it funny

Isn't it funny how people you met less than a month ago can become people you share personal information with, or who share VERY personal information with you.
How people that a few months ago you were amiable with are now difficult to share the same room with, let alone the same group of friends.
That people who, a few months ago, were total strangers, are now people who you feel very close to.
The people in my first semester have have completely diversified in so many directions I didn't expect at all, but this has been a great surprise.
People who, in October, were only facebook profiles, are now counted amongst your closest friends.

So much has changed by way of friendships, flat dynamics, people I've met through societies and through my course. The amount of change from semester 1 to semester 2 is incredible. The way the status quo has changed with some people. The way that certain people have revealed their true selves. Some of these revelations were met with enthusiasm, others with less positive responses.

I don't know, I wonder if I've changed. If the me that I present now is different to the one who introduced herself in fresher's week. But does it really matter? Although people make their initial judgement on you and your character in the first few seconds of meeting you, the rest of their time spent with you forms the lasting impression of your personality, of the essence of you. So maybe the first time you met a few people they went running... Who cares? I have a wonderful social circle, even if I have abandoned them for the night. I'm just going to decide to be happy.

Good night and happy pie day!

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