Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tired doesn't begin to cover it

I went out on Friday night.
Then I got 4 hours sleep.
Then I spent Saturday afternoon walking around the city in delicious sunlight (and company). 
I got home at 8pm and after giving instructions to my flatmate to wake me up in an hour, went to bed and fell straight asleep.
Being woken up at 9pm was not pleasant and I snapped at her to leave me alone.
My alarm went off at 8am, I reset it for 9, then 10.
I'm still shattered.
I've got a lingering cough and a 6 hour rehearsal today.
Only I had 3 vanilla and 3 pistachio- heaven! source

And I've eaten all my macarons from Laduree, sad times.
I wish I could honestly say I shared them but aside from 1 given to my flatmate and a few nibbles permitted to my weary companion I scoffed the rest myself. And it was worth it!

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