Saturday, 24 March 2012

ABC's of me

L is for Live which I assume means 'where do you live now'. But, I have some privacy issues and as such, I'll tell you about where I'd like to live in the future.

In some ways, it would be lovely to live in the town I grew up in. My childhood experiences could be those of my future. I would be near my family, near friends, near excellent shopping centres. And then, with any luck, one of my children would pass the entrance exam and become the 4th consecutive generation in our family to go to that school. We own that place!

But then, moving to a new town this year has brought so many new experiences and opportunities. I don't want to cut the world off just yet. Of course there is always travelling but you never get the same feel of a place as when you live there.

So who knows really? We'll see how it all unfolds.

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