Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Summer bod? Stuff that!

You know how it is. You hit the summer months, look down at your body and pick out the problem areas that you absolutely, definitely, hands-down will work on over the coming months. So thats arms, chest, stomach, tights, bum and back. Not much then. And you often start out well. Maybe go for few runs, hit the cross trainer a bit, do a bit of weights work.

And then your sister insists on going to lunch with you. And forces you to eat your whole plate. And orders dessert. You do not feel good for the rest of the day. In fact, you feel distincly uncomfortable for the next few hours while you're sitting in the cinema trying to enjoy Rock of Ages.
 Being over-full really can't stop you rocking out with a fantastic cast, brilliant song arrangements and costumes that made me wish I was young in the 80s. So good!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

ABC's of me

T. Time you wake up

Is this the time that I physically get out of bed or the time that my brain shakes off the dust and actually gets in gear? Because the first is very variable depending on my lecture schedule, activity the day before and bedtime. The latter is more specific; my brain functions for approximately 4 hours in the early afternoon. Outside of those times, don't expect me to remember everything you say and if my answers don't make sense- just ignore me!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Model villages are just for kids... aren't they?

Just 30 hours after bidding my friends a fond farewell for the summer, we met again outside a bar in Buckinghamshire; I'd come to visit. In the spirit of seeing all my friends throughout the summer, and also getting out of the reach of my sisters temper during the last few days of her exams, I hopped on a Southbound train to see the Bucks girls.

We had a wonderful few days. We ate delicious home cooked food (I now wish I had a brother in culinary college, I'm missing out!), we went to a deserted bar and slurped frozen strawberry daiquiris before being hauled out of bed at an ungodly hour to visit 'the most amazing model village you will ever go to!'. Although the other visitors were either under the age of 9 or over 60, I did enjoy feeling like a giant for a few hours, laughing at all the puns in the shop names and picking out our future homes (for when they invent machines to shrink people down to model size), especially as the weather stayed bright all day. For lunch we went to the full size version of one of the chips shops we'd seen in the model village and lazed on my friends bed all afternoon until finally falling asleep on the sofa watching Dorian Grey. I was exhausted!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Blank walls and empty spaces

Sitting in my room with everything packed up in boxes waiting for my Dad to collect them, is making me a little nostalgic. I'm watching through my window as person after person carries the contents of the little room they've called home for the past 9 months to their car and drives away. Despite living with so many of these people, I can feasibly imagine not seeing lots of them again. We will be living in different areas, studying different things, attending different societies; our lives our going in different directions.

But then again, that's true of all my closest friends too. Were on different degrees, we sit on different committees and some of will be living apart but those aren't the things that make us lose contact. If someone is important enough to you, you make the effort and don't let go of them. My friends from home are hundreds of miles away and we don't meet for months on end but that doesn't change anything; we're as close as ever. So as this year has just ended and I look forward to the summer and next year, reflecting on the people I've met and come to know, I resolve to keep in mind that being in different places, doing different things, shouldn't matter.

Saturday, 16 June 2012


This is the 4th day in a row that I've still been up as the sun rises!
I've had a wonderful end of year week. If it makes me emotional thinking about the people I'll never see again, I can't imagine how final years are coping. I hope when the time comes for me I won't me an utter wreck but I can imagine it now, it'll be messy and undoubtedly involve 'medicinal' alcohol. Despite wimping out of the lake party, I survived till 5am, through lots and lots of foam and a hefty amount of cupcakes. An odd but wonderful combination. Right, I think I need to sleep now, functioning tomorrow isn't going to be fun.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The sun is rising and I can't stop crying.
I don't even understand why and I hate not being able to understand myself, my body. It makes me feel out of control and weak and vulnerable and that's so scary. If there's one thing I want to always be able to rely on and make sense of, it should be me.But it isn't.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


So, I've finished my exams. Everything academic for this year is behind me and all that's left is to party and finish packing up.  It's a little sad looking at the blank walls and empty bookshelf. It'll be especially sad seeing some of my friends for the last time tonight. But it's also the first bar crawl hosted by the new filmsoc committee tonight. Beginnings and endings, doors open and close, etc, etc. I just want to have fun before heading home for the summer.

Monday, 11 June 2012

True dat

I always turn myself into an anxious wreck by over thinking the small things.
One day I'll learn not to.
Until that day, I guess I'll just take a lot of showers whenever I have things on my mind. The shower offers me peace and clarity of thought no matter what I'm thinking about.
My housemates aren't too keen on me 'thinking'.
Understandable really, 2 hours is a long time to wait for the shower.
I should really take up a mind numbing sport, would be so much more beneficial.
Good job that for now, I'm all peace and zen all of the time. Oh wait, exam tomorrow, no I'm not.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Tied down

Having no social life at the moment feels rubbish.
Exams mean that I turn down most opportunities to go out and even when I accept one, I only go to the first part of the night before coming home and procrastinating some more. The plus side is that the library and I are still on first name terms. We will be until Tuesday morning at which point I'll wish it a fond, but firm, farewell for the summer and commence on my 4, marathon days of drinking. sushi + FilmSoc pub crawl, ice skating + drinks + Skream at End Of Year Show, Hog roast or bbq + Feeder at EOYS and then (maybe) bbq + Labrinth at EOYS + lake party.
Yeah, good way to end exams and finish the year.
Bring it

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Life advice?

Don't pick up the iPod you see lying on the kitchen table unattended
It might turn out to be your friends
You might only find this out after picking it up
From the floor
Where you dropped it
And where half the screen is still lying


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Diamonds are forever

This weekend is the Queens Diamond Jubilee
Living, as we do, so close to London, it wouldn't be right for us to miss all the events that are being put on around the country in honour of this occasion. So tomorrow, I shall be heading into London with a few friends to watch a the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. I'm expecting the trains to be overcrowded, the viewing platforms to be bustling and the atmosphere to be high. It's an occasion that will only come around once in a lifetime and I'm not passing up my opportunity to be a part of it.

It should be a really fun, if long, day filled with great company and celebrations.My fingers are crossed so tight for the weather to stay as it is, bright and warm but cloudy, I don't know how much more sun I can take!
Plus, Laduree have released limited edition Jubilee macaron boxes so a short trip to Covent Garden is on the cards I think. A treat for having almost finished my exams.