Friday, 9 March 2012

There's a reason I dont love Casino...

It isn't because it's always empty before 1am
It isn't because by 'free shot' they mean sourz or half a jager bomb
It isn't because all the girls there are absolute whores

It's because, when I go, I seem to join the scores of whores and, this time, ended up attached to the face of some short-ish, not that cute, guy who was paying enough attention to me for me to notice and then get off with him.

Unfortunately there are pictures. Otherwise I would deny it ever happened.

Gah, I wish that was the case and I had said no to Mark or whatever his name was. Oh well, who knows what position I'm in right now. Certainly neither of us do it seems. Maybe he does. But we've discussed nothing except <<edit out>> and thus, idk. But in the morning I'm not deleting this post or editing it, other than the few, *extensive*, spelling mistakes!

Night and stop bloody thinking!

^^Editors note: I'm really not sure how last night happened, interesting. I don't usually do those things, especially with people I don't know.

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