Monday, 19 March 2012


I am now the proud owner of an army of chocolate santas!
This is the exact thing I own, even the box :)

For anyone thinking that it's March and that santas are a little out of season- be quiet. When you have late nights cravings and find websites selling food in bulk, you buy 18 santas. And countless bags of crisps, naan breads, frapuccinos, mini cheddars, maltesers and thai curry paste. An ecclectic mix some might say.

I've had to wait a week for this delivery and it has been painful for everyone involved. My flatmates have learned that if I turn to them with a sorrowful look in my eyes, it will most likely be followed by me moaning ''I want my santas''. They were getting good at reassuring me it would arrive soon.

And it did.
And I am happy.

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