Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Little Things

Sometimes, one little thing can make an otherwise miserable day seem so much brighter.
Things like rainbows, double rainbows, cancelled lectures, finding a pound on the floor, being donated clothes by your friend/neighbour/sister etc.
I thought that, seeing as the beginning of the week is such a drag, on Tuesdays, I'll post one little thing that's happened on Monday which made my day a whole lot better.

And this week I have 2 things that made Monday great. Firstly was skipping my morning tutorial to spend more time in bed, so deliciously luxurious, which set my day off to a great if not thoroughly productive start. Secondly, I ended my day in the supermarket where reduced items were everywhere! I picked up two punnets of blackberries for 20p and four muffins for 15p!

I am one happy bunny today
(Still no idea on the song for musical auditions though. Yes they are today and tomorrow. No, the pressure isn't getting to me at all)

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