Saturday, 7 January 2012

Were going on a bear hunt

Not in the airing cupboard, not in the washing basket, not on the line and not in the machine.
Where are my clothes?

Im packing to go back to uni and already I've filled a suitcase and2 bags and I know I'm still missing stuff, this is getting silly.
This is how my room looked before I started packing, except you couldnt see the floor!
In less than 24 hours I and my copious amounts of luggage will be back on the road to uni and boy am I ready to be back. Home's great but there's nothing like the independence of living away from your parents. Not to mention, I miss my friends. We've known each other since October but it's such an intense experience, that first semester during which your whole life changes and you go through it all together. I consider myself very lucky because I've forged some friendships which I hope will endure but I know some people have not been that lucky.  

I'm so ready to go back.

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