Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mind Warped

A feeling of weightlessness, swifty followed by the ground.

I fell off the bed.
My head hurts.

I was so confused this morning. I woke up fully dressed, lying on top of the covers on flatmate 42's bed with bruises on my shoulders. My first memory was of falling off the bed, then doing it again and only then did I wonder where flatmate 42 was sleeping and why she didnt kick me out of her bed. 

Padding down the corridor I peered into the gloom of room 40 and saw a prone figure under the covers. It didnt look like the evicted 42, more like my other flatmate, 32, the guy I now remembered falling asleep on. Curious. So where was 42? I assumed she was in 32s bed, but why was he in mine? What had happened?

I was far too tired for these thoughts. Bleary eyed, I retraced my steps and passed out for another few hours in unfamiliar surrounding.

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