Sunday, 29 January 2012


Mobile turned off
Watch left at home
Map, what map?

I went for a walk yesterday along the river and it was blissful. I had a quick research before leaving so I had a vague idea that I could follow the river to the next town and catch the train back from there, I knew it was about 5 miles and I knew that my feet could easily manage that in a couple of hours. So off I went.

The minute I left the flat I turned off my mobile. I'm sure that its slightly unsafe to do that seeing as it not only prevented people from contacting me but also meant that, in an emergency, I wouldn't be able to phone for help very quickly. Ah well, I really needed to have some thinking space without constantly expecting a text or feeling a time pressure. Instead I was able to forget the world, disregard the passage of time and just let my feet carry me.

So, not only did I have a wonderfully peaceful walk and got some good exercise but I was priviledged to see two canoeists capsize. I shalln't lie, I had a little laugh at them but I was a discreet distance away don't worry. It was so worth it.

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