Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My heart skips a beat

How long does it take before a new experience becomes old? How long before you become accustomed to an action, before a sequence of events become routine? How long until my heart stops racing every time I'm heading to society meetings?

It's not as if they are scary or intimidating or anything of the like- they are the exact opposite. A great group of people, meeting up to play games, run small activities, improvise and generally keep up on drama skills. Its a laugh. And finished nicely by a drink and dinner in one of the bars it's hard to understand why I always feel so nervous on my way in.

I know that once I'm there I'll love it but still I feel those flutters of nerves as 6pm hits. And love it I did, participate in the games, sit out of the improvisation and drink I did. As I will next week. It was fun, the games were entertaining and the banter was friendly.

I do think that the social parts of societies, meals, bar crawls, trips etc, are such an important part. It's one thing to go along to the workshops or rehersals but you make friends and interact with so many people you would never normally have the opportunity to when participating in the social aspects and just knowing the people and feeling confortable around them makes your society into something of a family.

That's one of the unique things about university societites. You are all part of the community of the university and live on the same campus and in the same town, see each other even when you're not out together and it adds another layer to the experience.

Maybe next week I won't be such a wimp!

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