Sunday, 27 May 2012

There will be sun, sun, sun

The week has been absolutely glorious! Every single day has been bright sunlight, no clouds, temperatures in the mid 20s (Celsius that is) and just a gentle breeze. Each day we head to Starbucks for a half priced frappuccino, then onto the field to sunbathe for hours, interspersed only by ice cream and followed by revision sessions in the library in the evening, induced by guilt and adrenaline at the thought of your exam, tomorrow!

Day and night^^
We've figured out the staples you need to survive this time of year. During the day you need sun hats, appropriate clothing, a large grassy space and good company. In the evenings you need a cool, air conditioned library, tons of junk food and again, good company to stop you going insane amongst the books and the revision cards!

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