Sunday, 20 May 2012


Maybe it's because exams are looming
Maybe it's because the end of the year is racing towards us
Maybe it's because the rest of our lives are hurtling forward at top speed
and there's nothing we can do about any of those things and that's why it seems like insecurities are coming to the surface, left, right and centre.

I can't revise for this module
I'm not going to pass my exams
I'm not pretty/smart/funny enough for then to be truly interested in me
I'm not good enough for my future
I'm not worthy of the things I want
I don't deserve happiness
What if they don't feel the same way

So many of these stem from feeling of low self worth, of low self belief and where in our past were these feelings instilled in us for they are certainly not true! I think we all need to do a bit of self examination, reflection and put things in perspective. And sometimes not be afraid to take a leap of faith, in ourselves or in other people.

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