Monday, 21 May 2012

Finally, finally!

I finally feel like I've cracked this revision thing.
Want to know how I did it? I discovered the library.

I know it sounds crazy. I'm doing a degree, surely I'd be well acquainted with the library. Wrong. I find this place so intimidating and confusing and full of people who look like they know what they're doing and it really puts me off. I avoid it like the plague.

But having walked around it a few times in the past week, I understand the layout and I understand the people. Suddenly it's not so bad. Which is why, after societies standing today which is one of the more boring things I have to do as a signatory on a society committee, I came to the library alone, found a desk and cracked on with some work. Within half an hour I'd talked to one friend and relocated with another but despite that, I made the first move. And I've been revising well ever since.

Bring on tomorrows exam. I've got this... sorta ;)

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