Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Give us a smile :)

I feel like all my posts recently are about the transient nature of time and experience and I don't want to just mope and moan about it but I can't help thinking about it!

Well, despite all the sad things to come, I can't deny I'm excited for summer.
Plans so far include a couple of weeks in the Costa Brava region of Spain, meeting up with family, swimming in their pool and being bullied into getting a great tan by my ever-loving sister. After stuffing ourselves silly with amazing local foods we'll drive up to Paris and spend a couple of days relaxing, sightseeing and eating Laduree macarons if I have any say in the matter. Plus hopefully a night tour or two. As we usually only stay for a day in Paris we don't get time to take night tours but fingers crossed for this time.

Arriving home with a golden glow to undoubtedly cloudy skies always lifts my spirits.

I'm hoping to spend a week in Devon with my future housemates as well this summer. One of my friends family own a holiday cottage down South so we're thinking of renting it and having a girly holiday. The original plan was Zante or somewhere equally loud and full of young people drinking, but money and our love of cozy nights in made us abandon that idea for something quieter and ultimately more 'us'.

The rest of my time I plan to spend seeing my friends and of course catching up with family. It would be nice to travel around the country a bit to visit my uni friends in their different counties and hopefully some of them will also travel up to the Midlands and visit me. Even if they don't come for me, they should come for the culture!

All that plus meeting up with home friends and potentially a job. This summer looks set to be a busy but brilliant one.

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