Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bone tired

Last night I got 10 and a half hours sleep. If ever my body needed it, it was last night.

Wednesdays are my least favourite day of the week. Tuesday evenings, I go to my drama society's workshop and after that, we all go to a bar on campus, get curly fries or burgers and have a drink. Or three. I have a 9am statistics workshop the following morning. The evenings activities, whether they include alcohol or not, never fail to tire me out and dragging my body from my warm, cozy bed the next morning is always a chore. So I stumble along to my workshop, bleary eyed, bash some numbers into the computer and hope that by putting three minds together, we can get something close to the correct answer. Yesterday was no exception. The only difference was that on normal Wednesdays, I have a free day ahead of me to relax and make up for lost sleep, yesterday was jam packed.

My friend arrived back early from Dublin and I had to rush down to the station to collect her.
Along the way I was traumatised as I glanced in a parked car to see a man, trousers unzipped, masturbating in the front seat.

I saw The Avengers with a group of friends in the early afternoon which I was really looking forward to, the only problem was that by this point, I had a raging headache and was feeling rather sick. I enjoyed the first half of the film but regret to say I can't comment on the second half; I fell asleep :/ We power walked back to campus to make it in time for our musical rehearsal. Groggy from my nap in the cinema and feeling increasingly ill we slogged through a rehearsal which, although only 3 hours long, felt oh-so-much longer.

Despite understanding the difficulties of scheduling a rehearsal with a cast of this size so that as few people as possible are at loose ends at any given time, it's easy to get frustrated when you're surrounded by people bitching about the organisation, the direction, the other cast members, the time frame. You name it, they complained about it. Combine that with feeling sick, continuously forgetting lines I had down last week, singing two songs, acapella, on a loop and then spending over an hour learning 1min and 11seconds of a dance. I was not in the best of spirits.

Arriving home, I chugged a pint of water, swallowed some pain relievers and after a quick chat with my parents in which they nagged me about my health, collapsed into bed. It was bliss, resting my body which by this point was feeling shaky and slightly weak and despite the noise of my flatmates getting drunk 2 doors down, fell into a restless slumber almost instantly.

This morning, I feel in better spirits. Although still headache-y, I'm not shaking anymore and my stomach has settled. Plus, no rehearsals today! Just foccacia and kim chi noodles, the life!

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