Friday, 18 May 2012

Lessons in life

Lessons to take away from this past year

Get organised about work. Start planning early, start writing it early. Even if its just a sentence here, a paragraph there, it all counts. The worst time to write is the night before its due. The pressure might make you write fast but it wont make you write well. Next year my degree counts so I need to take this on board and start caring about the marks I get.

You might be here for a degree and particularly at exam times that has to take priority but during the rest of the year, don't let it get in the way of friends and societies and social activities. Make time to ensure you get a balance of everything because that's what being here is about essentially.

Don't be lazy about food. You're body can only keep going so long as you look after it.That means having more than 1 meal in a day, consuming more than 2 portions of fruit and veg, not snacking on anything that takes your fancy and eating decent, wholesome food, not packaged noodles and value pizzas.

Linked to the last point, drink less. I can deal with the hangovers now but it's not good for my body. I need to start moderating my intake and stopping drinking before I get drunk. There have been some nights I definitely wish didn't happen and I don't want to repeat them again. And nor do I want to be told, by people who I've just met, that I have no dignity. Wonderful.

Not to waste time worrying about things I can't change or spend time being angry or frustrated at people. If they're dragging you down or causing you grief, do you really want them in your life?

And finally. Just throw yourself in. If it looks fun, give it a go. Who cares if you're rubbish, so what if you get a few laughs. You might make some great friends, learn a new skill or even discover something you're good at. And lets face it, what's the worst that can happen? Warning, if joining the sky diving society, don't answer that last question.

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