Monday, 30 April 2012

Final semester? Bring it!

How is it that I end up here when I'm desperately trying to think of things to do other than the report I have to submit in 13 hours? Ah well, I'm overdue an update.

I've been back at uni for 2 weeks now, have my expectations been met?

We have done a lot of rehearsing. 6 of the days were full from 10am till 6pm of dancing, singing, blocking and acting. Most of the time it was a combination of 2 or 3 of those things. My throat is sore, my feet are tired and my back aches but it has been so rewarding watching the show develop. We've been able to practise all the songs, choreograph then for even the most challenged of dancers (yep that's me), block all the scenes and run through both acts putting most of the components together. It's good to know that with the show in 15 days, we're on track.

The rehearsal days have given me huge bouts of human interaction however they were spaced at the beginning and the end of the 2 weeks and in between them, I can count the number of people I saw and know on 2 hands. Well, 1 hand and 1 finger. I'm a social butterfly me!

What else did I expect? Oh yes the weather! Well we are technically in a drought right now but at this moment, water if flooding down the path outside my room, there has been 2.2 inches of rainfall in my area and precipitation is up 166% from normal April weather. Some drought.

My Northern accent hasn't been called into question at all- a very pleasant surprise. The kitchen was not a pleasant surprise however. 2 tables covered full of dirty washing up. Some of it had been there since before the holiday by the looks of the furry mould growing inside a couple of mugs and bowls.

As for evening plans... the first week was quiet. There were post-rehearsal events but we were always so worn that going was a drag. We forced ourselves out for a flat meal at Pizza Express which, despite some very odd conversation topics, was a lovely evening. The thirty strong cast ran up a spine chilling bill and filled the restaurant with chatter. So much so that when it became time to leave, I was shocked to discover the place was empty bar our party. We were the life and soul of that place! But I'm not sure the waiters felt that way having to navigate our incredibly long-winded payment system.

On the final night the director and musical director, who conveniently live next door to each other, hosted a BBQ. As women, Emily and myself were banned from assisting with putting up the gazebo or lighting the BBQ so we settle for standing just in the way, watching and giving direction. Fastest person to put up at tent on D of E practise, just going to say. Watching the 'men' struggle was far more fun though and, just as the sun went down, it was declared that we had smouldering coals and could begin cooking. By this point I'd devoured all my food that didn't need cooking and was just huddling around the BBQ for heat and good conversation, not to forget the game of giant jenga.

The rubbish fresher that I am, by 10pm I was shattered and Emily and I headed home. A few hours later I was joined by my friend... shivering, as I initially thought from cold and alcohol. It transpired not long after that the violent shaking was a result of his feverish condition. My flu ridden friend was going nowhere in his state so he stayed and had the very best treatment (don't mind if I do) until I deemed him well enough to walk home 2 days later.

The next week was rather quiet, the occasional meetings with friends and refusing to hit the gym with my flatmate. We took our friend one night to a cocktail bar where they have live music for a casual drink one evening and then 2 days later planned to go out again. After 2 weeks of no alcohol, my body was not prepared for the half bottle of wine and multiple shots I ingested at pre-drinks. I went to bed earlier than my sober friends that night!

So all in all, only a few nights out but all of them eventful and enjoyable. Now bring on working until the crack of dawn until June 12th, my last exam. See you there!

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