Wednesday, 4 April 2012

ABC's of Me

Overnight hospital stays is the theme for today.
Shall we stick to the 2 most recent ones? I had a bad summer in 2011.

The first of my stays was in June and in Portugal. I had a migraine and a touch of sunstroke. Result: a really pleasant bout of sickness, awful dizziness and complete exhaustion. My friends never see me during the worst of my migraines and despite all my protestations that it was normal and that I'd be fine, insisted on taking me to the hospital. It was a horrible night, attempting to stay awake and coherent, vainly trying to communicate with Portuguese doctors and a nurse telling me my EHIC was out of date. To be honest I mostly just sat back, looked ill and tried to keep my stomach contents down, letting my friends be superstars and deal with all the chaos. After a long night hooked up to an antibiotic drip I was finally allowed to go home. I spent the next 3 days in my room and only on the last day hauled myself out of the flat and to a local restaurant before flying home where I curled up in my own bed for another few days. Great holiday.

The other one that year was only 3 months later in September. Stomach cramps and insane abdominal pains sent me rushing to the hospital. Twice, in fact, because the first time they sent he home with  painkillers. Never let it be said that the NHS don't give their patients adequate treatment. So I spent 3 nights in 2 hospitals hooked up to antibiotics, fluids and morphine, undergoing ultrasounds and CT scans. On the plus side, I met a really sexy doctor, even my Mum swooned a little bit. On the down side, I only saw him for a few days and he was a fair few years older than me. And sexy doctors tent to have hot doctor girlfriends, shame. But despite all this, my Mum still stage whispered to me that 'he's lovely looking, isn't he. He'd be good for you'. Thanks Mum, you always have my back!

It was an eventful summer but the past 6 months have been hospital and major illness free.
Hip, hip, hooray!

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