Monday, 27 February 2012

Well this is going stunningly

Dealine: 11 hours
Lectures/tutorials: 3 hours
Sleep needed: lets say 2 hours
Availble time for essay: 6 hours

Word limit: 2050
Word count: 1678
Word count excluding references: 1413

Sections complete: Intro, what is personality, environmental factors
Sections to complete: heritability, critiques, conclusion

So, I might have had over 3 weeks to do all that.
I might have only started yesterday.
I might very well get a low mark for this essay.
I deserve it.
I might have spent over an hour on skype.
And I might have sent an innordinate number of texts.
And IMs.
And I might have painted my nails with an intricate pattern.

I might have a procrastination problem.

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