Monday, 6 February 2012

Coffee with a Friend

My friend from home is coming to stay with me for a few days next week! The original plan was for her to stay this week but a torn hamstring on her end and the snow on my end meant we delayed it for a week but no matter, she's coming soon!

So, as we'll be having an epic catch up session over a few days and nights I thought I'd post another few things about myself.

  1. Today I went to Body Balance, a class my gym offers. It is a combination of tai chi, yoga and pilates with an abdominals track in the middle that affords the only real exercise in the class, the rest is just stretching which I love. I have to admit I get a real kick out of being able to do all the advanced poses. Then again, over half the class is middle aged men and women, they probably curse the flexible, uni students who fill up the rest of the spaces.
  2. Soft furnishings are my vice. If I'm out shopping and see pillows or accessories that would match my room, I'll have them. My room is an extension of one of the aspects of me; it represents the calm, focused me who is quietly in control and not raging against all the confusion and uncertainty I feel. The bed  has copious pillows, there are a chain of paper cranes hanging along the wall, the shelf is edged in felt flowers, three sets of fairy lights cast a warm glow and a butterfly mural covers one wall.
  3. This is the butterfly mural in my room at home, it's now on a murky purple wall
  4. The last one leads nicely into this: there are a few different 'versions' of me. Facets is probably a better word as I don't mean it in a schizophrenic or multiple personality disorder way, I just mean that at different times, I am different. Aren't we all. Around certain friends we act one way, around others we are slightly different, to our colleagues we present an other aspect and to our love interest, well that's a dilema. You can't change too much because they'll soon see something contrary but do you really want them to see you? I'm actually a big believer that all of the people you present should be very close to the truth and I thats how I try to act. Do I succeed? I know that I rarely lie and to me that's what matters.
So, maybe you learnt something new, certainly you now have a picture of my room. Don't try to over analyse the way I behave, I'm fairly straight forward. At least I try to be.

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