Monday, 13 February 2012

Neurotic, me? What makes you say that?

Is it the very strictly ordered white board on my desk which summarises what I have on, when, were, due dates, course readings, shopping lists and to do lists? Did I mention it's colour coded?
Is the line of post-it notes about on the top of it which contain details about all the different properties we've been to and are going to see?
Is it the notes on my wall detailing exactly where I'll be and for how long for the next couple of days?
Or the notes about breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next few days explaining where the food is and how to assemble it? And yes it is preprepared and in tupperware.
(In my defence, those 2 are for my friends benefit so she knows when to expect me and so she doesn't starve!)
Is it the organisation of my shelves, books in height order, make-up, nail varnish, jewellery, all in bags and tidied away?
Is it the fact that I keep my wardrobe in a specific way: Jackets, cardis, blouses, shirts, shorts, cropped trousers, trousers, skirts and then dresses?

Maybe it's none of those things.
Maybe you've met me?

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