Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bang bang chitty chitty bang bang

Our fine, four fendered friend.

Don't you sometimes wish your life was a film? The avid book reader that I am, my friends would probably expect me to want to live in a novel but there are so many perks to a film over a book

1) 60 minutes in and the worst is almost over

2) There are no awkard pauses or gaps. You know after someone has kissed you, or you've turned someone down, or a conversation has come to its natural end, or you're showing someone out of the door and theres that really awkward silence where you're both thinking desperately of something to say. In films that never happens! The scene always ends mid-kiss or in the middle of the conversation when you're all laughing and its fine, no awkward, cringe inducing silences.

3) You always have to right thing to say. Its always said eloquently, sums up the meaning perfectly and even when you dont have a snappy comeback or a brilliant line of arguement its the right thing anyway and it works out just fine. Why isn't life like that?

4) The lighting is always just so, your skin glows and your hair looks sleek and glossy. Not a spot in sight, no shiny nose, no flyaway hairs.

5) You would save so much time primping and preening. You don't have to fix your hair after swimming. Just continue on as you are and in a few minutes it will be perfectly coiffed again, no tangled rats tails or birds nest, just beach waves or a sleek, straight mane. How I wish this were true for me, I'm a mess at the end of a day on the beach.

6) Ditto for clothes. You fall into the village pond, or dive into a swimming pool heroically or get splashed as the car of either your nemesis or your future husband speeds by, wail dramatically at the state of your designer outfit but it's all ok! They dry almost instantly. Sure, from some angles in this scene you'll look lightly sprinkled with water but most of the time at least, you'll be warm and dry.

So, 6 reasons to want to live in a film, now the dilema is which one, and who your co-stars are?

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