Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sanity versus the World

Where do you draw the line between making what you think to be the right decision for yourself and being selfish?

Is it selfish to want to live with people I know will make me happy? People who I'm infinitely more comfortable with than my current flatmates? We share the same interests, tastes in films and music and we get on so well. So why do I feel so guilty about leaving my current flatmate? In the past we've had big bust ups. We've fought and fallen out and we're really not that friendly. We share so many different values, the word incompatible comes to mind.

It sounds like I'm talking about a lifetime partner. It's only a house and it's only one year. I dont think I could take this for another year. At the very least I wouldnt want to.
All of this reasoning means nothing in the face of my illogical, guilt tripping conscience. I will lie awake tonight and agonise over this decision, run alternate scenarios in my mind, all bad of course and rethink the decisions I've made so far.

I think... I know I made the right choice. Im settled on it.
And were going to have a great year.
I've just got to get through this one!

On an unrelated note:
10 more sleeps!!

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