Friday, 23 December 2011

Fill in the Blanks Friday

Today's blanks are Christmas themed!
Thanks to Lauren at The Little Things We Do

1.   The best way to spread Christmas cheer is ummmm... I dont try and spread cheer, if you meet someone how doesn't like the season, let them be. Otherwise, sing christmas carols at the top of your voice!

2.   The thing I love most about Christmas is the decorations. Shallow it may be but the lights everywhere are just so homey and inviting, I love them.

3.  The holiday season is a time for remembering that you have so much more than others so even though you might fight and everything may not turn out exactly as you envisaged, someone somewhere is having a much harder time than you , be grateful.

4. My favorite thing to eat at the holidays is everything! In my house Christams is a time to indulge in all the foods you like but especially yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes- white carbs ftw. 

5.  I will be spending Christmas  surrounded by my family. At 6am, my sister and I will open presents, at 9 we'll get dressed, at 11 we'll go the our neighbours annual brunch, then we will visit my Grandma in the care home and be home by 3 to sit down to lunch with the other 10 people who live locally. Its a busy day in our household!

6.  Tis better to (give or receive?) give, especially when you get someone that perfect present that makes them smile.

7.  I'm dreaming of a dry and non-rainy Christmas.

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