Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Because it's all in my head

Or on my head, as the case is.
I love the hairdressers. Specifically I love my hairdressers, Jenny my colourist and Ashley, my stylist, becasue they don't give me what I ask for, they give me what I need. Mostly, those things are the same but where they differ, the girls always *strongly* advise me to rethink and inevitably I end up with great hair and a huge grin.

Today's appointment was no exception. I want to stop colouring my hair translated into- lets colour all your hair so that next time you need less colour. Sounds like shes scamming me into colour but frankly, my hair colour is amazing now and very close to natural which means it should grow out nicely.

I was brushing my teeth and admiring my hair under the lights when I had a shocking thought- I think I'm quite ginger now! I've been blonde forever. With the exception of that unfortunate pink episode and the two weeks I was brunette I've always been blonde and I love being blonde- it suits me. Now I feel like Madeline!

This is Madeline in case you are deprived and have never had the joy of watching the film
 But, on longer and closer inspection, I think I really like it. Its new, different and (if Jenny wasn't conning me) should enable me to leave my hair for 6 months without looking like I belong in a shoebox in the gutter.

So ginger hair and bouncy curls I will remain.

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