Monday, 27 August 2012

Film Challenge

Having my friend here has resulted in a glut of film watching, all of which I've been meaning to get around to watching but have been set aside due to my infatuation with sci-fi.

The other night, we watched the Hollywood, 2011 version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
 I watched this film with an additional soundtrack. It was almost like the directors commentary but instead the script read something like this:

Oh Daniel Craig
He is so sexy
Mmm yes I'd get on that
No, he just put white plates on the table, these ones are glass
Look at the way he wears his glasses, they make him look so intelligent and hot
Why is he wearing his glasses below his chin? What is that?
He's so smart and attractive, I want him
Get him here for me
I want to be in Sweden, I miss the snow
I need to leave the UK
An English man would be too wimpy in the cold, I want to marry a continental prince.
(that's me in italics)

Yep so I was listening to someone lust after Daniel Craig while I picked out the flaws and tried to wrap my head around the film. It wasn't great at explaining what was happening as it goes along but if you're any good at remembering some of the earlier detail, you can put it together with not much difficulty nearer the end. The main thing I found hard was keeping all the faces distinct in my head. I often found myself thinking they were talking to the father when in fact it was an uncle or assistant! I couldn't stay on top of it all.

I was pretty impressed with Lisbeth and Mikael's investigative skills. Makes me want to be a PI and sneak around peoples houses at night and hack into their computer systems. So exciting! I think I have no firm idea of what I want in my future I just grab onto everything I see in films.

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