Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Film Challenge + Life

Today I had the most incredibly stressful day.
I was late.
I now need glasses.
I typed my PIN in wrong 3 times so my card is now locked.
The only help Apple could give me was a free phone number so I can talk to people who don't speak English for free.
My bank couldn't help me with my concern and referred me to a phone helpline.
The phone helpline told me my branch were supposed to know.
My branch told me that the letter I was sent and was worried about didn't actually concern me or my account, they just sent it as routine to everyone.
I walked 5 miles so fast because I was late.
With burning legs from yesterdays workout.
Arrived to meet my friend late and sweating buckets.

I did achieve a few things though.
I managed to buy my favourite Simple face wipes.
And have iced tea with my friend.
And watch the Matrix!

Source wikipedia
I'm slowly ticking those films off the IMDB top 250 list, I've seen embarrassingly few.

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