Saturday, 11 August 2012

Book Challenge

There are few things more enjoyable for me than curling up on an armchair in the warmth, a deckchair in the sun, laying on the beach, sitting in a train carriage; all of those things are wonderful experiences provided there is a bound stack of paper in my hands, printed with a story. I love losing myself in a book. Immersing myself in the setting, learning about and living with the characters, being a part of the story. A book has staying power the way that no other story-telling medium does. I carry the remnants of a book around with me, long after it's been relegated to the back of a bookshelf and parts of it I thought I'd forgotten will float back to me from time to time, making me smile and filling me with a familiar warmth. Books are those old friends you are most comfortable around, their mere presence relaxing and calming.

It's for these reasons and a thousand more that I'm embarking upon a long term project: the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. It's an amazingly long list of books to read and I'll be tracking my progress over the next goodness-knows-how-long in the new page on the right and also through little update posts. I've decided that, although I've already read a handful, unless it's been read in the last 2 years, I'll reread it. I can't remember all the Austen's I read when I was 13. I'll appreciate them much more if I read them again.

So that's all expect to say that I was pleased to cross of a handful, around 10, from the last couple of years. Wish me luck and happy reading!

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