Thursday, 9 August 2012

Film Challenge

I  have a confession to make. I don't watch films. How can you be the VP of FilmSoc without watching films you ask. Blag it. Ask your friends about the films they've seen, mention them very vaguely and avoid answering questions about the details. It's an art. However, I do think there will come a time this year when someone other than my housemate will find out and it will come in handy to have seen a few films. So, this smmer, or what remains of it, I'm setting myself a challenge to watch a film everyday. Since I have no job and very few plans I figure this shouldn't be too hard.

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 So yesterday I watched my first film for over a month: Disney's Brave. It was a really enjoyable, animated film. I know people say you're never too old for Disney but this one was definitely not just for kids. I mostly just love her amazing hair! It's so long and thick and fiery red. I spent most of the film just watching the way it flowed around her, it was mesmerising. That and they way she handled her bow and arrow sums up to a huge, fictional girl crush. Plus, you know, the animation was great, the story lively and the message was actually quite inspiring, especially for young girls. It was a good film to ease myself into the challenge.

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Then in the evening, my family and I started watching The Island; the one with Ewan McGregor and not Leonardo DiCaprio. Well, I say watched. I did about 7 other things while watching The Island but I stayed up till 1am to see the end, that counts for something right? Even my family didn't make it that long, retreating to bed long before the end.  I can't say I was blown away but the idea of humans being grown as insurance policies and harvested their organs being harvested if and when accidents befall their counterparts in the 'outside' world.

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