Friday, 24 August 2012

Film Challenge

The Matrix Revolutions.
This was the third of the Matrix films and I'm sad to say, my least favourite. Although it had me on edge the whole time and the fighting scenes were just as inspiring as the first two, I couldn't help feeling that the end was lacking.

I would have loved it to go out with a bang, or at least a tidy conclusion but they've left a lot of loose ends untied and questions unanswered. There are lots of rumours about a Matrix 4 and possibly 5 on the internet but no recent news about that. It's a shame, then end has been left open for Keanu to make a miraculous reappearance in another film and I feel that the ending has been compromised because of it. You could argue that by leaving it open the viewers can speculate about the future and the nature of the storyline at the end is that no one really knows what's happened but I can't stand films doing that. It just feels lazy to me.

So maybe another Matrix would be a waste of money. Personally I'm all for it, I want that ending cleared up please. If nothing else has come from watching 8 hours of sci-fi adventure, I'm now thoroughly motivated to join a martial art society at my uni and I'll be giving that genre much more consideration.

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