Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Film Challenge

I know it seems I've been a bit lax about this lately, after so strong a start but it's been hectic! First I had a day of crazy baking, then my sisters birthday and then I was down south in my uni house with NO INTERNET for 4 days! However, when I was down there, living like the Victorians did, with no television or indoor heating, I did manage to watch one film.

My friend came round for dinner and we watched The Skin I Live In.

This film had a couple of brilliant points:
1) Sexy Antonio Banderas!
Mmmm just look at that sexy, smouldering face.

2) Subtitles mean no one else wants to watch the film and ruin our enjoyment
3) Really intriguing plot line, especially the way it is revealed to you
4) Sexy Antonio. Did I already say that? Whoops.

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