Saturday, 18 August 2012

Fill in the Blanks (Saturday)

We are having a terrible summer here, no sun and lots of rain. Hope it's better where you are.

Thanks to Lauren at the little things we do
1.  The best thing to do on a hot day is  to lie on the beach all day. Or lie in the park. Either way, a picnic and excellent company are necessities, as is minimal movement .

2.   The best place to be on a hot day is somewhere it's acceptable to take all your clothes off and just walk around in a bikini and shorts  .

3.  The best thing to eat on a hot day is  watermelon and lots of it.

4. Hot days inspire me with terror as my room is a wasp and bee magnet.  Too many mornings I've woken up to the sound of an insect buzzing away behind my curtains and had to scramble out of bed and insist some saviour will remove it .

5. My go to uniform on a warm summer day is one of my many light, floaty dresses. They're great because you can still maximise the tan on your arms, keep cool and feel pretty all day.

6. The scent that reminds me of summer is salty air. My family love seaside holidays, it wouldn't be a summer without a couple of weeks on the Mediterranean or Aegean coast. That salty air just signals that summer is here and your worries are far behind you .

7.  My favourite thing about summer is no work! I'm still in education so summers are still that novelty of months and months of free time with no books to read or essays to write .

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