Monday, 16 July 2012

Night siren

Driving through the night feels almost like a fairytale. It's surreal.

Things happen in a blur, are obscured by the inky blackness and appear in the stage of your headlights, only to disappear as suddenly as they came.The road falls away on all sides and you surrender to the unknown. Then out of the blue, a rabbit, petrified in the limelight. A jolting stop enables its frantic sprint to safety. With no road ahead the night feels like a lie, a temptress, luring you, lulling you as you feel your eyes droop and your head heavy upon your shoulders.

The dawn races to meet you and you're released from the nights clutches as a lightening on the horizon signals the time to find a bay and put your head down.

Until, of course, the rising sun warms your face and pierces through your eyelids, rousing you for another few hours of patient travelling through an unending countryside.

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