Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Barca then bath and bed

Can you guess where I am? Well, not anymore but I spent the day there. I’m now in my apartment, running a bath and planning nothing more this evening than to soak and then crawl into my bed; I’m exhausted!
 I spent all day, on a tour bus, in Barcelona. I’m not joking about the ‘all day’. From arriving in the morning to leaving after 6pm, the only time off the bus was an hour and a half for lunch and a quick stroll down Les Ramblas. It doesn’t sound like a lot of work but with the sun beaming down and so many sights to see, my head was whirling to and fro all day just trying to take it all in! If you’re ever in Barcelona, don’t think that you can do both tours in one day. Stay for a couple of days, get the reduced, 2 consecutive days ticket and really enjoy the city.

We saw hundreds of amazing sights but there are hundreds more hidden just around the corners. There’s a chocolate museum! I’ve been to Cadbury world but going to one in Barcelona would have been amazing. There are museums dedicated to the lives and works of the modernists. There is A LOT about Gaudi. If Gaudi doesn’t interest you, the bus tour probably won’t either. Not only do I know where he was born and lived, the town houses he built, the museums he founded, the gardens and residential areas he dreamt up, I also know about the lamp posts that he didn’t design (although you might be fooled into thinking they were) and the street corner on which he was hit by a tram, the hospital he spent three days in and the time until his burial in the crypt at his most famous piece of architecture, the Sagrada Familia. Despite seeing all the places along the way perfectly, I only caught a glimpse of the Sagrada Familia, the church that Barcelona is most famous for. Stuck, at that time, on the downstairs of the bus, on the wrong side of the aisle and trapped next to a mother who was guarding the window with her sleeping infant, I saw only the lower portions. But those, I can tell you on good authority, are spectacular!

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