Monday, 30 July 2012

Fishing Lures pt. 6

This one is another present, a good bye (for now). 

It was given to me by my boyfriend on the last day of semester, the morning we both went home for summer. We didn’t know when we would next be seeing each other. If indeed we would even meet up over the summer was uncertain and as such it has served as lovely reminder of him. It’s from, I believe, Mauritius, and although it’s a bit too big for my wrist, I tie it on safely with one of the other bracelets I’m wearing. Before realising how precarious it was to wear it unsecured, I lost it. I was visiting a friend at the time, got changed for bed and headed to bed. I was using my phone when I realised it was no longer on my wrist. Mild panic ensued while I hunted up and a house in the throes of redecoration! Turns out it was inside my clothes all along, tucked in a corner of my bag. Well, I needn’t have worried too much, I’d have found it eventually but still, I was glad it turned up when it did. Hasn’t stopped me wearing it, I just tie it on very securely now.

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