Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fishing lures, pt. 2

Next up are a couple that I made myself. I enjoy Pinterest rather more than is probably healthy and coming up to the summer, I saw loads of bead and friendship bracelets being pinned. I repined a ton thinking that I could easily do that and I’d have lots of time over the summer to fill. Well, they were just too tempting. Right in the middle of my exam period I cracked open my sewing bag, drew out lengths and lengths of embroidery threads and beads and got to knotting. 

Inevitably they turned out nothing like the pictures I drew my inspiration from but I love them, maybe even more because of how unique they are. And because I know just how much time and effort went into them, time I maybe could have been using to revise. None the less, they’re here to stay.

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