Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Fishing Lures

I wear a lot of bracelets. I have a wristful of woven, plaited, wrapped and strung adornments on my right wrist and just one on my left. They’re bright and colourful and they all mean something to me. They’re either from somewhere special, someone special or I made them myself- but all of them are important and significant to me. So I thought I’d introduce them, tell a bit of the story linked to each one.
The first is my newest bracelet, the stork. My Mum was given this bracelet as a thank you present from a patient and, as it’s not really her style, she said I could wear it. It’s a delicate silver chain with a stork pendant attached. Hanging from the storks beak is a little baby wrapped in swaddling cloths. Wondering why you can’t see a hanging baby in the picture? I’d only been wearing it a few days when I noticed it had fallen off. That meant, as my sister gaily informed me, that it was a sign I would never bear children, I was barren! I’m just going to believe that it means my womb is empty right now. Even so, she’s refusing to ever wear the ‘accursed’ object.

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