Saturday, 9 June 2012

Tied down

Having no social life at the moment feels rubbish.
Exams mean that I turn down most opportunities to go out and even when I accept one, I only go to the first part of the night before coming home and procrastinating some more. The plus side is that the library and I are still on first name terms. We will be until Tuesday morning at which point I'll wish it a fond, but firm, farewell for the summer and commence on my 4, marathon days of drinking. sushi + FilmSoc pub crawl, ice skating + drinks + Skream at End Of Year Show, Hog roast or bbq + Feeder at EOYS and then (maybe) bbq + Labrinth at EOYS + lake party.
Yeah, good way to end exams and finish the year.
Bring it

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