Sunday, 17 June 2012

Blank walls and empty spaces

Sitting in my room with everything packed up in boxes waiting for my Dad to collect them, is making me a little nostalgic. I'm watching through my window as person after person carries the contents of the little room they've called home for the past 9 months to their car and drives away. Despite living with so many of these people, I can feasibly imagine not seeing lots of them again. We will be living in different areas, studying different things, attending different societies; our lives our going in different directions.

But then again, that's true of all my closest friends too. Were on different degrees, we sit on different committees and some of will be living apart but those aren't the things that make us lose contact. If someone is important enough to you, you make the effort and don't let go of them. My friends from home are hundreds of miles away and we don't meet for months on end but that doesn't change anything; we're as close as ever. So as this year has just ended and I look forward to the summer and next year, reflecting on the people I've met and come to know, I resolve to keep in mind that being in different places, doing different things, shouldn't matter.

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