Thursday, 21 June 2012

Model villages are just for kids... aren't they?

Just 30 hours after bidding my friends a fond farewell for the summer, we met again outside a bar in Buckinghamshire; I'd come to visit. In the spirit of seeing all my friends throughout the summer, and also getting out of the reach of my sisters temper during the last few days of her exams, I hopped on a Southbound train to see the Bucks girls.

We had a wonderful few days. We ate delicious home cooked food (I now wish I had a brother in culinary college, I'm missing out!), we went to a deserted bar and slurped frozen strawberry daiquiris before being hauled out of bed at an ungodly hour to visit 'the most amazing model village you will ever go to!'. Although the other visitors were either under the age of 9 or over 60, I did enjoy feeling like a giant for a few hours, laughing at all the puns in the shop names and picking out our future homes (for when they invent machines to shrink people down to model size), especially as the weather stayed bright all day. For lunch we went to the full size version of one of the chips shops we'd seen in the model village and lazed on my friends bed all afternoon until finally falling asleep on the sofa watching Dorian Grey. I was exhausted!

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